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European Glam

April 10, 2023

European glam includes the timeless and organic elements from classic European design, while incorporating glamor and luxury to create this beautiful style. Archways, exposed beams, gold hardware, and luxe fabrics are just a few elements that bring this style to life. Mixing marble and wood throughout a home, has been a staple in European Glam design due to these materials being easily procured, European Glam has quickly become one of the most trendy styles of this year so far.

April 23 Blog

High Ceilings

European glam styled rooms have high ceilings that give every room a luxurious feel. Including beautiful crown molding and glamorous light fixtures complete the space.


Entering any space should feel luxurious and archways do just that. They create a unique feel to any room while making the space feel organic.

Textured Walls

Adding wall textures such as stone, wood, and brick are a huge part of European glam. It add character and charm to any room.

April 2023