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Constructing Consulting

Initial Consultation

The client meets with an ERNA PROPERTIES, LLC representative to discuss the overall project and details relevant to the client’s needs and interest such as property location, property size, home design/size, time frame and budget.

Constructing a new home or remodeling your existing home is fun, however, not without its challenges due to the many evaluations that need to be taken into account for its success. Home building and remodeling are both big projects regardless of the size of the home, therefore planning is key to ensure cost and construction efficiency. It is money well invested to engage an expert from the start of the project to assist in the entire process.

ERNA PROPERTIES, LLC are residential construction experts. By creating a clear path from start to finish our construction consulting services remove the confusion inherent in both new construction and remodeling projects.

Our process is broken down into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: Initially the focus is on new design that evolves until the final home plan is complete according to the client’s input. Lifestyle, taste, and budget are key factors to be considered during phase 1. This phase keeps the project fun, on time and within budget.

Phase 2: Upon completion of phase 1 ERNA PROPERTIES, LLC commences construction, this is the start of phase 2. Our expertise ensures that the final design to be implemented is constructed properly and in accordance with all governing agencies and codes. The client’s involvement continues throughout phase 2 with regular meetings both on-site and off-site to observe the construction progress and provide material selections such as cabinetry, counter-tops, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Clients have the option to construct a Modular Home or Conventional Construction. The modular home option is constructed in sections at the factory and delivered by truck in sections to the building site. The sections are set together with the balance of construction finished on-site.

Building or remodeling your dream home successfully and enjoyably requires a partnership between the client and the Custom Builder. ERNA PROPERTIES, LLC tried and proven consultative approach to residential construction ensures success by involving the client in every step of the process so that the client is on the right path knowing at all times what to expect and when to expect it. Clients can engageERNA PROPERTIES, LLC for phase 1 if they desire to perform and manage construction. Our construction consulting services are included at no additional charge for clients that engage ERNA PROPERTIES, LLC for phase 2 (construction and project management).

Property Evaluation

The experts at ERNA Properties, LLC assist clients with the evaluation of properties to be considered by the client as the location for their new home. This process is performed to determine the property’s suitability for the type and size of the home desired by the client. It shall determine if the property is build-able and/or priced properly based on value.

Zoning Analysis

This analysis shall determine if the property in question satisfies the requirements established by the township and outside agencies.

Final Architectural Design & Plans

ERNA Properties is a true Custom Home Builder. We work closely with the client and architect to design a home based on the client’s input that is tailored to the client’s likes, requirements and budget. Our expertise in construction cost savings results in a final design approved by the client at the lowest price possible.